Young Artists' Exhibition

This is a new addition to Open Studios Kommetjie, and is to showcase fine art produced by Young Artists from the Kommetjie surrounds, regardless of whether they are pursuing an art career. The showcase will take the form of a curated exhibition of work held at the same time as Open Studios Kommetjie 2022, in a single location open to the public, with suitable marketing and mentoring of the Young Artists.

This exhibition is for Young Artists who are 19-25 years old, during 2022. (Note that Young Artists can elect to fully participate in the Open Studios Kommetjie event, in which case they will need to meet the criteria for full participation and take on all the resultant responsibilities including fee payment). Art considered will be fine art in any medium, animation or other digital art, sculpture, and installations.  Art must ideally be for sale and have been made by the Young Artist after June 2021.

Dates are Friday 2 December – Sunday 4 December 2022, 10:00 – 17:00 daily


  • Young Artists do not need to be professional artists. They could, for example, be students in another degree or working and doing art on the side. They need not have a professional profile.

  • They need not have exhibited or have exhibition plans.

  • Only original art will be considered.  That is, no digital copies of original artwork.

  • Work presented must be fine art as opposed to craft. 

  • Young Artists must live within the boundaries of Kommetjie, Ocean View or Scarborough and do not need a studio.

  • To participate, Young Artists will need to submit images of artwork electronically (up to 5 pieces) by end September 2022.  The Steering Committee of Open Studios Kommetjie will consider the submissions and select work that they’d like to physically see at the end of October, which could be accepted or rejected.  Depending on the response, the number of works displayed per Young Artist could range from 1-4 works. At the beginning of November, the works to be exhibited will be selected and Young Artists informed.


  • No fee would be payable to enter works, although a commission of 10% would be held back to cover payment card costs (approx. 3,5%) and exhibition costs with any residue going to a small savings account to do the next Young Artists Exhibition.

  • The Young Artists exhibition will be marketed by Open Studios Kommetjie but to a limited extent – no paid promotions and possibly group posts. Marketing the event by Young Artists will be welcome.


  • An exhibition venue is being finalised.

  • There will be website page dedicated to this exhibition.

  • Young Artists will need to be present in the venue on a rotational basis through the weekend, and will be run as a curated group exhibition enabling the Young Artists to gain some knowledge of the process. Artists who are unable to be present before the event and during the event will not be able to participate.

  • The number of Young Artists has not been limited and will depend on response and space available.